As experts in our discipline, we take our responsibility towards the our planet and our role in combating climate change seriously. Keeping up with the most advanced knowledge and tools available, we seek and pursue solutions that will have immediate and long term positive impact on our collective well-being.

Desire to innovate

Majority of our work is in developing bespoke solutions to unique design problems. We are driven by the pursuit of excellence through seeking the most appropriate response.

Human Health and Well-being

Decarbonization of the environment

Excellence in design and craft

Design Partnership

Techne is an essential partner to the architect throughout the design process. We extend your imagination and ability to develop unique solutions by providing relevant information at the right time and identifying industry resources to assist in decision-making.

Diverse Expertise

With built projects in over 17 countries across the world, we understand the significance of locale, we understand the global network of material supply chains, we under-stand project types and procurement methods. Mostly, we understand risk and means to manage it.


Design, Detailing and specifications

We develop enclosure systems starting from the Conceptual phase through the Design Development phase that are fully vetted against overall building performance, the regulatory requirements, the geographical constraints, and the economic specifics of the project.

Procurement Strategies

We work with ownership and construction teams to de-risk procurement through systematic engagement with the facade industry and assist with preliminary pricing exercises, bid pool shortlisting, as well as project scheduling to ensure appropriate delivery process.

Mock-ups and testing support

We assist the design teams in defining the scope and extents of mock-ups and ensuring the right sequencing of the approval process to derive the most value. We remain deeply involved in the process of system design and verification for the entire duration of project delivery.

Production and site inspections

We spend time in fabrication plants observing the implementation of QA/QC programs and on site during the installation phases to ensure the quality and performance aspirations of the project are duly achieved in the completed work.